ev3_control::H4REv3Sensor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 H4REv3Sensor (const std::string &port_name)
unsigned num_values ()
bool value (unsigned number, int &value)
template<typename T >
bool setModeT (const StringEnum< T > &modemap, T key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ev3_control::H4REv3Port
 H4REv3Port (const std::string &port_name, H4Ev3IoPortType port_type)
bool isConnected ()
bool readInt (const char *filename, int &value, OpenFile &openFile, bool device_dir=true)
bool writeInt (const char *filename, int value, OpenFile &openFile, bool device_dir=true)
const std::string & getPortName () const
H4Ev3IoPortType getPortType () const
bool getDriverName (Ev3Strings::Ev3DriverName &drvname)
template<typename T >
bool writeKey (const char *filename, const StringEnum< T > &strmap, T key, OpenFile &openFile, bool device_dir=true)
template<typename T >
bool readKey (const char *filename, const StringEnum< T > &strmap, T &key, OpenFile &openFile, bool device_dir=true)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ev3_control::H4REv3Port
enum  H4Ev3IoPortType { H4REV3PORT_OUT, H4REV3PORT_IN }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ev3_control::H4REv3Port
FILE * get_fileptr_ (const char *filename, OpenFile::FileMode mode, OpenFile &file, bool device_dir=true)
bool getDeviceDirectory ()
bool getPortDirectory ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from ev3_control::H4REv3Port
OpenFile f_driver_name
Ev3Strings::Ev3DriverName last_driver_
int last_driver_check_connected_id_
const std::string port_name_
bool connected_
int connect_id_
H4Ev3IoPortType port_type_
FileNameBuffer sys_port_directory_
FileNameBuffer sys_device_directory_

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